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Castile Travel Agency Spain customizes experiences for VIP Travellers; Gastronomy, Wine, Lifestyle & Good Time, Art, History & Culture.

Castile Travel Agency is an Incoming Travel Agency in Spain. Our customised advice and personal service for tourists is given with the goal of levering every minute of your time. Just relax, we have it planned!


You may find that a guided visit to the Prado Museum is not enough; you could try one of Castile’s art-historian teachers to appreciate the art of the Spanish masters. History and painting’s techniques and trends have evolved simultaneously. To gain the most visit the Spanish museums and galleries in Madrid, Bilbao, Barcelona…try one of Castile’s experts and experience the art. Baroque, surrealism, contemporary or modernism belong to different historical periods and the various disciplines are epitomised by the Spanish masters including Goya, Velazquez, Picasso, Chillida, Miro, Dalí in museums as Reina Sofia (Madrid), Guggenheim (Bilbao), Museo Picasso (Barcelona)… 

Castile has created unprecedented experiences and pure interactions which go beneath the surface of Spain. Enjoy the delicious tapas in Madrid, unearth the social celebration of its gastronomy and learn about its different regional products. Taste the classic Tortilla de Patata, simply and deliciously cooked with Spanish olive oil, learn how to flip it on the pan! Try the premium Spanish delicacy—Jamón Ibérico (cured Iberian ham), practise the art of Jamón cutting technique and find the secrets of its unique flavour. With Castile explore the depth of the different flamenco disciplines in Seville. With a master, enjoy a class and learn the dance and breathe the tradition, originally passed through gypsy-families across generations. Flamenco makes you appreciate the feeling of a country imbued with the Spanish guitar and the passion of the Spaniards shows up in the understanding of the percussion by the footwork of the dancers. Castile takes you to the purest cultural Spanish experiences.

Make your own wine mixing your favourite grapes
Open your eyes to the Spanish wine production scene in lush countryside. An oenologist (wine specialist) shows you the taste of the different Spanish grapes while you can select your favourites to make you own wine.  Meet a traditional winemaker and enter into his private cellars. During the wine tour we arrive in the South of Spain. There Castile’s takes you into a gastronomic trip to enjoy the sweetness of Fino wine at the Sherry wineries in Jerez de la Frontera.  In the Spanish interior breathe fresh air and enjoy the nature riding a horse or biking around ancient landscapes of vineyards in La Ribera de Duero. You can feel your internal energy with a special treatment of wine-therapy in La Rioja.

Meet a painter and discover the Picasso Museum with him
Spain’s monumental richness deserves its 1st position for number of World Heritage Cultural Sites in Europe and its 2nd position across the globe. Always taking care of your comfort and travel, Castile proposes discovering the Heritage Sites of Spain; walk across the medieval walls in Ávila, visit Segovia its Roman aqueduct and the fairy tale Alcazar. In Toledo, the city of tolerance, you learn about how religions coexist in harmony in the medieval times, visiting the Synagogue in the Jewish Quarter, Toledo’s Mosque and also the Catholic Cathedral.

Practise artisanal fishing with an old “seadog”
One of the purest experiences of Spain with Castile is touring around its little villages. The landscapes invite you to enjoy the countryside, the rural monumental architecture and the traditional Spanish lifestyle. The “white-villages” tour is an amazing way to discover Andalusia with Castile, its natural parks, its agricultural society and its gastronomy. Try the refreshing gazpacho soup in Ronda (Andalusia), an historical white village in the south of Spain, and visit the brave bulls and beautiful horses in Andalusia. In the north you could visit another kind of fishermen’s villages as Cadaques in Cataluña or Villanova de Arousa in Galicia learn about old and new fishing techniques and the perfect wines for the fabulous Spanish seafood.

Have your personal Chef in your Mediterranean villa
Mediterranean villas invite you to celebrate special occasions and holidays at your own private retreat. Villas situated in luminous places among the Mediterranean give a whole new meaning to boutique hotel concept. Castile opens the door to private housing. You may prefer spacious centred and functional apartments in Barcelona, rather than a suite in a hotel, or maybe your best option would be a private villa besides the sea with your personal chef and butler. Castile offers different options for all kind of budgets. Enjoy all the commodities and personal service with privacy with your family.
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